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May 29, 2011 by Greg Carnie

This blog site was started in September 2008 by Ruven Gotz and Greg Carnie, two members of the Portals and Collaboration team at Ideaca* in Toronto.  Greg has since transferred from Ideaca’s Toronto office and taken up residence at their Calgary office, and Ruven now works at Navantis.

We are two very different kind of SharePoint experts: Greg is into the full spectrum of SharePoint Architecture/Development/Deployment. Ruven is interested more in the Business Analysis and Information Architecture side of the process. That being said, we do overlap, and learn about each other’s areas, so that we can talk intelligently with each other and with our clients.

In January 2008, we added a new person to the roster: Laura Rogers who was (at the time) a SharePoint Administrator at HealthSouth Corporation* in Birmingham, Alabama and the author of a chapter in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator’s Companion.  In September 2009, Laura officially left us as she decided to join SharePoint911* and thus it made sense for her to move her blog to their system.

In February 2010, Brian Lalancette became the fourth official contributor to spinsiders.com with his perspective on the infrastructure side of SharePoint, but in particular how PowerShell can be leveraged with regards to SharePoint.  Brian is also a member of the Portals & Collaboration team at Navantis* in Toronto.

* NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the posts and the comments that we make on these blogs represent each of us individually. We do not speak for each other or the institutions or organisations we are affiliated with unless stated otherwise. Our blogs are not affiliated with, nor do they represent the views, position or attitudes of our employers their clients, or any of their affiliated companies.

Written by Greg Carnie

I am a SharePoint consultant (Business Analyst by title) with Ideaca Knowledge Services based in Toronto, Canada. I have been actively working with SharePoint for three years now and have been specializing more in the developmental and architectural aspects of SharePoint. In a previous life I worked both with SAP and Microsoft Exchange. In my spare time (yes – I have figured out how to have a life outside of SharePoint – only took 3 years!!) I read, have started to get myself back into decent shape, and intend to spend a significant amount of time outside this summer.

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