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Ruven Gotz is a Director with Avanade, Microsoft’s Global Partner. As a Microsoft SharePoint MVP with over 20 years of IT industry experience, Ruven has spent the past nine years delivering award-winning SharePoint solutions for a wide range of clients. Working as a Business Analyst and Information Architect, Ruven is able to apply his eclectic education and varied experience in Psychology, Computer Science, Economics, Software Development and Training to get to the heart of complex problems. Ruven is a great communicator who is able to discuss technology concepts in language that is relevant to his audience, whether they are from IT or business. He has become a leader in the use of visual tools to help his clients and team members achieve shared understanding of problems and goals and shared commitment towards implementing a successful solution. Ruven recently authored “Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture” (Apress) Ruven lives in Toronto, Canada. On Tuesday nights in the summer, you’ll find him racing his 24’ sailboat ‘In the Groove’ (NOTE: Ideas and opinions on this blog are my own: I am not representing my employer.)

No one's going to thank you for SharePoint Dial-Tone

…yes, this is about governance (Warning, shameless self promotion will appear at the bottom of this post: Reader discretion is advised.) From the phone company’s point of view, if they provide you with dial-tone and then connect your call, they … Continue reading

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Free SharePoint Conference in Toronto

        You want to attend one of the big conferences this year, don’t you? You want to hear SharePoint experts speak so that you can get great new ideas and you like bumping into fellow SharePointers for … Continue reading

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Great Turn-Out at the Toronto SharePoint Camp

These types of events have often been very technically focused, so I wasn’t sure how many people would turn out for my sessions on “Mind Mapping Tools for the Information Architect” and “Effective Requirements Gathering Workshops – How to organize … Continue reading

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This is going to be fun…

There’s a new blog in town and if I tell you it’s called The SharePoint Mad Scientist, then I’ve told you just about all you need to know. If I tell you that it’s written by Mike Watson, that’ll fill in … Continue reading

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going…to the SharePoint Best Practices Conference

I’m going to the Best Practices Conference in San Diego, and I went to the last one in Washington as well. It’s true that I am a speaker, but I signed up to attend the last one before I knew I … Continue reading

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MindManager Version 8 Released Today

  Those of you who know me, know that I consider Mindjet’s MindManager is the greatest invention since sliced cheese. I use it for almost everything that you could think of (and a few that you couldn’t). I’ve only had a couple … Continue reading

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Wheat from Chaff

When you search the net for SharePoint answers, how do you know if what you find is a good answer or not? Sometimes a post that’s been around a long time comes back much earlier in the results, even if … Continue reading

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Folders? No Way! Way!!!

Today, Joris Poelmans (of JOPX on SharePoint) wrote a post against the use of folders in SharePoint. Now don’t get me wrong, I too spend a good deal of my time explaining to customers why folders should be avoided in … Continue reading

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Populate My Sites with staff pictures when you go-live

SharePoint’s people search is a SharePoint feature that many organizations want to take advantage of. (I’ve heard stories of people sitting for weeks within 25 feet of a new co-worker, and even having e-mail conversations with them without realizing who … Continue reading

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SharePoint Best Practices Conference

Last week I attended the SharePoint Best Practices conference in Washington DC. I learned a lot and I had a great time. This was the first Best Practices (BP) conference put on by Bill English and Ben Curry of MindSharp. The BP … Continue reading

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