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Ruven Gotz is a Director with Avanade, Microsoft’s Global Partner. As a Microsoft SharePoint MVP with over 20 years of IT industry experience, Ruven has spent the past nine years delivering award-winning SharePoint solutions for a wide range of clients. Working as a Business Analyst and Information Architect, Ruven is able to apply his eclectic education and varied experience in Psychology, Computer Science, Economics, Software Development and Training to get to the heart of complex problems. Ruven is a great communicator who is able to discuss technology concepts in language that is relevant to his audience, whether they are from IT or business. He has become a leader in the use of visual tools to help his clients and team members achieve shared understanding of problems and goals and shared commitment towards implementing a successful solution. Ruven recently authored “Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture” (Apress) Ruven lives in Toronto, Canada. On Tuesday nights in the summer, you’ll find him racing his 24’ sailboat ‘In the Groove’ (NOTE: Ideas and opinions on this blog are my own: I am not representing my employer.)

Can you read that at the back of the room?

How a couple of books have radically changed my PowerPoint presentations. I do a fair number of presentations. I speak to our internal teams, to our clients, and to attendees at conferences. While I feel that I have pretty good … Continue reading

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The report of the community’s death was exaggerated

The title of this post paraphrases Mark Twain who wrote this when his obituary was published in the paper. Today, Mark Rackley (the SharePoint Hillbilly) wrote a post asking: Is the SharePoint Community Past Its Prime? In my reply below … Continue reading

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SPTechCon: Sing(apore) for your supper

Ok, that title is a bit of stretch. Here’s the explanation: Richard Harbridge and I gave a full-day workshop on Information Architecture that included over 400 slides in 8.5 hours. If that’s not ‘singing for your supper’, I don’t know … Continue reading

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A Sense of Insecurity

Scott Jamison posted a blog follow-up to a session I recently presented at SPTechCon in Boston. I explained how you can drop a document into a document library, at which point the content organizer takes over and moves the document … Continue reading

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SPTechCon Recap (and download links)

I’m back home after a wonderful and exhausting SharePoint Technical Conference. I go to these conferences for three main reasons: To learn (there’s no better way to avoid pain than learning from the hard-won knowledge of others) To speak (giving … Continue reading

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Best Practice: Attend the Best Practices Conference

Sometimes, when I am a few weeks away from speaking at a conference, a friend in the town where I’m going may write to me to say: What times are you speaking? Maybe we can meet up right after your … Continue reading

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Hi-Fi? Lo-Fi? WTFi?

Erik Swenson has published a post showing his phenomenal collection of wireframes for SharePoint 2010. I remember when he showed me his SharePoint 2007 wireframes in Montreal last year and being blown away. Erik’s approach is to go super Hi-Fi. By … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2010 – Decks, Highs and Videotape

It’s been a couple of weeks since the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas wrapped up and I’ve had some time to recover from the #ShareFlu and think a bit about what I saw and heard. Microsoft used SPC09 to take … Continue reading

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Why are SharePoint conferences so much fun? (My Best Practices ’09 recap)

I just got back from the Best Practices 2009 conference in Washington D.C. and I was sitting here asking myself why SharePoint events are so much more fun than just about any other IT related event I’ve attended over the … Continue reading

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This is NOT your Daddy's SharePoint Conference

I love going to conferences. I get clues for new approaches, tips to save time or try a new feature and, sometimes, a bit of deeper insight that turns me into a better consultant and helps me to make my … Continue reading

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