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Can you read that at the back of the room?

How a couple of books have radically changed my PowerPoint presentations. I do a fair number of presentations. I speak to our internal teams, to our clients, and to attendees at conferences. While I feel that I have pretty good … Continue reading

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The report of the community’s death was exaggerated

The title of this post paraphrases Mark Twain who wrote this when his obituary was published in the paper. Today, Mark Rackley (the SharePoint Hillbilly) wrote a post asking: Is the SharePoint Community Past Its Prime? In my reply below … Continue reading

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SPTechCon: Sing(apore) for your supper

Ok, that title is a bit of stretch. Here’s the explanation: Richard Harbridge and I gave a full-day workshop on Information Architecture that included over 400 slides in 8.5 hours. If that’s not ‘singing for your supper’, I don’t know … Continue reading

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