CalSPUG – October 17, 2013


I am very excited to tell you that Ruven Gotz (yes his blog is also part of will be presenting the topic “Taxonomies, Content Types and Metadata, Oh My!” this October at our regular CalSPUG meeting day on the third Thursday of the month (Oct. 17th). Doors open at 5:00, presentation should start around 5:30 with food and drinks provided! To register, please do so here:

For those keen individuals, you may have also noticed that we haven’t announced anything for September yet. While it doesn’t look likely that we will be having an event this month (due to scheduling conflicts), we are working diligently with presenter to organize a possible second event in October. Please keep an eye to your inbox for further details.


CalSPUG Meeting – November 17, 2011


Another month means another CalSPUG meeting! (Web site should be up soon… sorry for the dead link.)

This meeting should be a good one – and a non-developer topic as well. However… most developers should be interested in this!

Keep Your Portal Governance Simple!

Start Time
Doors open at 5:00pm. Presentation starts at 5:30pm.
*Note: Elevators up will lock at 6:00pm if you arrive late.

Dan McCleary (@DanMcCleary)

Many people seem to dread the word governance. Dread of the amount of work involved. Dread of not knowing how to proceed. Dread of unnecessary bureaucracy. Unfortunately, this hesitance is what kills a lot of good portal governance planning. Yet, if some basic elements are put in place, a model can be built that can be understood by all portal users and is relatively easy to maintain.

Speaker Bio
Dan McCleary has worked in the internet industry for over 15 years holding many positions including designer, developer, project manager and instructor. Between 2006 and 2010 Dan held the position of Consulting Director at Ideaca, one of Canada’s leading IT and Management Consulting companies, in charge of the consulting staff for their largest office. He has recently ventured back into the consulting world, focusing his efforts on portals, collaboration and social media. A goal of his management consulting approach is to provide clarity by striving for simplicity.

Food and drinks provided. SharePint location TBD.

Location & Registration

CalSPUG Meeting – April 22, 2010


Once again – a long time since I have posted.  Perhaps I should just end trying to post at a pre-defined frequency and aim for something a bit more natural?

At lot has changed for me of the last several months, especially since starting this blog.  One of those things in particular was my decision to move to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I was previously living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – and had been for 4 years – but decided it was time to try out a new city.  So,  I transferred with Ideaca and have taken up residence in the heart of Calgary.

With some of the time I have saved commuting around the Toronto area, I have joined CalSPUG (Calgary SharePoint User Group –  I must admit, it’s very rewarding becoming more involved with the SharePoint community as a whole – but especially on the eve of the release of SharePoint 2010.  As such, I would like to highlight, for those in the Calgary area, that we’re having our next meeting on April 22, 2010.  Jason Kaczor is our presenter and the topic is Use SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 to boost Productivity.  The meeting will begin sharply at 5:30 PM MDT with a SharePint to follow at the James Joyce (map) at approximately 8:30 PM MDT.  Anyone is welcome.  It’s completely free of charge and pizza and beverages are provided.  Registration is available here.

For those of you whom are unable to attend Thursday evening’s presentation.  Jason will also be presenting this topic on April 19, 2010 at 8:30 AM MDT (breakfast provided) as part of Microsoft’s DevTech Breakfast and User Group tour.

Happy SharePointing!

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