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Trouble Upgrading to Windows 8.1?

October 22, 2013 by Greg Carnie

I know I sure had a lot of trouble upgrading! I did all the updates like I was supposed to and the download would just not show up in the store! Very frustrating experience. So I did was all good IT folks to - Googled it!

The end procedure was simple actually:

  • Crack open IE on your target upgrade box
  • Paste the following link in your address bar and hit enter


  • This should open the Windows Store to a nice Windows 8.1 download
  • Click download and wait for it to start prompting you for action

This procedure seems to work for both Windows RT and Windows Pro. Special thank you to francescob who was kind enough to post the above Windows Store link in the comments section of this article.

Written by Greg Carnie

I am a SharePoint consultant (Business Analyst by title) with Ideaca Knowledge Services based in Toronto, Canada. I have been actively working with SharePoint for three years now and have been specializing more in the developmental and architectural aspects of SharePoint. In a previous life I worked both with SAP and Microsoft Exchange. In my spare time (yes – I have figured out how to have a life outside of SharePoint – only took 3 years!!) I read, have started to get myself back into decent shape, and intend to spend a significant amount of time outside this summer.

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