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Unable to Compact a VHD Due to a File System Limitation

May 05, 2011 by Greg Carnie

While trying to compact a vhd that had been (unbeknownst to me) generating huge quantities of log files I recently ran across the rather strange “Unable to Compact a VHD Due to a File System Limitation” error:

VHD Compact Error
VHD Compact Error

I found a couple things to try thanks to Google:

But none of those worked.  After a fair amount of digging on the net and around my VM I concluded that I had a grand total of 1280MB in VSS copies stored in my VHD itself.  Then I found post by The Angry Technician!  Perfect!!  Diskshadow is the answer.  One simple command to execute, 5 seconds to wait, and everything was good again:


list shadows all (if you want to see them all)

delete shadows all (this was specific to my case, you may want to be selective about which shadows to delete)

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