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AutoSPInstaller Has Been Migrated to GitHub!

July 17, 2017 by Brian Lalancette

With the announcement a few months ago that CodePlex, the home of AutoSPInstaller and plenty of other open-source projects, was going to shut down roughly by the end of 2017, I knew I’d have to take action to keep my popular AutoSPInstaller automated SharePoint 201x installation project accessible. So, after a successful migration attempt for my other popular (but much smaller) CodePlex project AutoSPSourceBuilder, I decided to give AutoSPInstaller migration a try. Luckily, the migration process has gotten much smoother, and happened much more quickly and with less effort than I’d anticipated. Mind you only the source code and version history has been migrated - no Discussions, Issues or Releases will be moved over - so we’ll be starting from scratch in a sense for those.

Anyhow without further delay, here’s the location of the new home of AutoSPInstaller:

According to Brian Harry’s blog post, the other items on the old CodePlex project (Discussions, Items etc.) should remain available until December 15th 2017 for reference & support purposes before the content gets archived.

Finally, I’d be remiss not mention AutoSPInstaller’s successor in this space, SharePointDSC - check it out!

Cheers Brian

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