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New Add-SPProfileSyncConnection cmdlet seems to ignore NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled property?

With the release of Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 came a cmdlet called Add-SPProfileSyncConnection which finally allowed the OOB creation of a User Profile Sync connection with Powershell. Prior to this, one would either have to resort to manual … Continue reading

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Powershell-based SP2010 install fails to create Version registry value?

  As first pointed out in a discussion on my AutoSPInstaller discussion area on Codeplex, and seemingly confirmed in at least one post (that I could find so far), there appears to be an issue with one of the Powershell cmdlets that, when … Continue reading

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(Tricks For Successfully) Creating AD Service Connection Points for SharePoint 2010

A few days ago Jie Li posted instructions on how to track SharePoint 2010 installations in an organization by using AD Service Connection points. This sounded really promising, as it could (for example) allow admins to track ‘rogue’ SharePoint installs, … Continue reading

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Automating Managed Property Mapping in MOSS 2007 / Search Server 2008

I was recently asked to customize the Advanced Search experience for a Search Server Express 2008 customer. Remember that MSSE is basically WSS 3.0 + the search components from MOSS 2007 (remember that ancient product?). Anyhow this involved enabling the selection of a … Continue reading

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High-level steps to SP2010 Demo VHD boot joy

This is sure to raise more questions than it answers… but here goes: how I managed to get the downloadable Information Worker Demo VM to boot straight from VHD (i.e. no host OS). This assumes a fair level of comfort and proficiency in … Continue reading

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Powershell script to enable/disable services in SP2010 Demo VM

If any of you have had the chance to play around with Microsoft’s recent public release of the Information Worker Demo VM, you’ll notice that a) it has pretty much everything thrown in in terms of the Office suite of server/client … Continue reading

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